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Improve Your Gut Health

The science of your gut According to recent studies by the National Institutes of Health's Human Microbiome Project, your gut's microbiome influences the overall health of your entire body. Much like the way bacteria convert milk into yogurt or cabbage ...
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3 U.S. Airports Will Start Screening For New Coronavirus From China

Coronavirus viewed from under a microscope. BSIP/Universal Images Group via Getty Images Topline: A new coronavirus related to both the common cold and SARS⁠—which originated in China and has killed two people and sickened 45 others⁠—has the Centers For Disease ...
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Stay Hydrated

You know that image of a person staggering through desert, barely able to speak and hallucinating a mirage in the distance? That's the extreme way dehydration affects the mind. After all, drinking fluids is crucial to maintaining every system in ...
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17 Remedies For Toothaches

There are a dozen reasons why people get toothaches. Some of these are having cavities, a cracked tooth, loose fillings, a sinus condition or worse yet, an abscess, which is an infection within the gum line. While it’s important to ...
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