Texan Woman Falls Off 15 Foot Pole And Breaks Jaw. A Dental Perspective.

For those who haven’t heard the story already… On Monday a dancer in Dallas while performing an “acrobatics routine”, lost her grip and fell on her face, breaking her jaw and shattering her teeth. The video of the incident has been posted all over the internet:

Stripper falls from pole

She then proceeded to continue dancing in spite of her injuries. This is the WRONG thing to do. When you have a dental emergency, it’s important to visit your dentist or an emergency room as soon as possible.
Pain, swelling, and bleeding are the most immediate symptoms of a broken jaw. Your entire face can swell, making your painful and stiff. Bleeding from the mouth can occur and can contribute to breathing issues if the blood starts to block the air passage.

Treating a broken jaw

Broken and dislocated jaws are bandaged or wired shut during recovery.

Your doctor may treat your dislocation and minor fracture simply by wrapping a bandage around your head and under your chin to keep you from opening your jaw wide. Anti-inflammatory medications such as ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin) and naproxen (Aleve) can dull the pain and reduce swelling.

Severe breaks might require wiring to promote healing. Wires and elastic bands keep your jaw closed and your bite in place.

Recovery from a jaw fracture or dislocation requires patience. You won’t be able to open your jaw very wide or at all for at least six weeks during treatment. Your doctor will prescribe painkillers and antibiotics to prevent infection. You’ll also be on a liquid diet to provide you with nutrition during this time while you’re unable to chew solid food.

The Texan woman who fell from the poll is currently recovering from injuries as mentioned in her Instagram post:

Today has been a very long day. My surgery went well. My jaw is currently wired shut so please refrain from calling me as of right now and bare with me on replies because my phone hasn’t stopped blowing up. Everyone’s love & kind words have not gone unnoticed whatsoever and it means so much to me that all of you have blessed me and uplifted me in so many ways. I am overwhelmed in the best way by all the support. I was really nervous as this all started blowing up because people are cruel and this is a very sensitive time for me. But I never imagined so many people would stand behind me in a situation like this and that has outweighed all the negativity by far. I am beyond grateful for you all. I am in a tremendous amount of pain but i am ready for this road to recovery so I can get back to my life. I will continue to update everyone over the course of my recovery but thank you once again for EVERYTHING 🙏🏽

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